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With Green Sense® Concrete, BASF introduces a revolutionary advanced concrete mixture proportioning service that achieves new levels of performance, economics and sustainability. Green Sense Concrete is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective concrete with optimized proportions in which supplementary cementitious materials, non-cementitious fillers, or both, are used with special Master Builders brand Glenium® high-range water-reducing admixtures and/or RheoTEC Z-60 workability-retaining admixture to meet or exceed performance targets.


Green Sense Concrete is a new concrete that, relative to a baseline reference mix, attains desired setting characteristics, strength, durability, and if needed, a higher slump at a reduced cost to the producer. The innovative Green Sense Concrete allows producers to increase their profitability, provide the contractor with a user-friendly mix that pumps and places efficiently, increases the service-life of structures, and offers the opportunity to positively influence the environment.


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Structure and Foundation

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